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  • Safety Film

    Fearless Design Requires Flawless Security.

    Danger is ever present, with LLumar safety film, so is protection. Made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound, our safety window film provides a thin, transparent barrier against threats. Durable and easy to install, we provide a simple, cost-effective alternative to new safety glazing. Our safety film products are virtually transparent for enhanced window presentation aesthetics and protection against various threats.


    Our safety window film protects your windows against, and lessens the damage from:

    Forced Entry

    Smash-and-grab theft can cost retailers hundreds of thousands of Rands in damage to windows and furnishings. LLumar’s safety film deters forced entry by making windows harder to penetrate, which encourages would-be intruders to seek easier targets. Safety window film doesn’t block product displays, so you can deter thieves without discouraging customers. LLumar safety film provides affordable protection for a variety of applications. These include commercial, residential, mass transit, and government facilities. Window safety film is ideal for unique applications such as glass display cases, balcony closures, and shower doors.

    Accidental Breakage

    When accidents or spontaneous breakage occur, shattered glass fragments can pose great risk of personal injury. Our safety film reduces this risk of injury and helps hold glass fragments in place until they can safely be removed and replaced. Windows are the most vulnerable part of any building’s façade and provide easy points of breakage by wind carrieddebris, vandalism and other accidents.

  • Auto Armour

    Paint Shield – Preserves paintwork quality and retains the vehicles trade-in or resale value

    Paint Shield protects the paintwork of your vehicle, helps shed dirt easily and prevents surface rust while reducing damage caused by various environmental hazards including:

    • Industrial fallout
    • Acid Rain and pollution
    • Bird droppings
    • Tree resin
    • Oxidation and chalking
    • Ultraviolet rays

    Leather & Fabric Shield

    Protects your interior from everyday spills and stains

    Leather and Fabric Shield is designed to preserve the appearance, strength, and soft feel of the carpets, fabric or leather interior of your vehicle.

    When applied, leather and fabric shield will keep your car interior looking newer for longer by:

    • Making surfaces easy to clean
    • Preventing tough, ingrained stains
    • Resisting everyday stains eg. Food, beverages, mud, greasy products
    • Repelling liquid spills
    • Oxidation and chalking
    • Aiding colour retention

  • Rhino Linings

    The original spray-on linings

    Superior quality polyurethane protective coatings for automotive, trailers, marine and industrial applications.

    • Spray-on polyurethane bed liner system
    • NO drilling, fitting or bolting involved
    • Forms a maintenance-free, permanent, air and watertight bond
    • Provides a non-skid surface
    • Suitable for load beds of delivery and recreational vehicles
    • Recognised as the superior method to protect against rust, abrasion, chemical attack and impact damage

    Advantages of Rhino Linings:

    • Rhino Linings is sprayed in under 3 hours, and does not involve drilling, fitting or bolting.
    • Liners are air and watertight, therefore eliminating rust and erosion
    • Fuels and fertilizers will not soften liners
    • Extreme temperatures will not cause cracking or warping of liners
    • Flexibility of the surface reduces load slippage
    • Liners act as a soundproofing agent, thus reducing road noise from your truck bed
    • As an insulator, liners also reduce component fatigue
    • Unlike drop-in liners, Rhino Linings is maintenance free and does not require removal and waxing
    • Accessories can be bolted onto Rhino Linings
    • Liners cannot be stolen
    • Increases the resale value of your car

    Other uses:

    • Industrial
    • Marine
    • Commercial

  • Maxe & Artav Bars

    Nudge Bars

    Maxe & Artav Stainless Steel manufactures a wide range of tubular and oval-tube nudge bars, with specific vehicle branding, for nearly all 4×4s and SUVs on the South African market. Each nudge bar is designed and tested for air-bag compatibility. Both manufactures focus mainly on pure stainless steel but also have a popular range of black stainless nudge bars.

    Sport Bars

    All sports bars/styling bars are designed to give a bolder and more enhanced look and visual to the vehicle. The popular range of sports bars, with oval side plates, is a definite must for all 4×4 owners looking for great value for money. These products follow the standard sports bar design and utilise black rubbers on oval side plates which display the vehicle name completed in Domex decal with automotive sealant.All Sports Bars are endurance and vibration tested to ensure only the best quality for our customers.

    Side Steps

    The Manufacturers produce five different ranges of side-step accessories for the South African market. Dubbed the perfect side step in South Africa,the oval double-tube side steps have a wide oval step and a large step pad with added tread for grip. They have been load tested to 200 kgs, ensuring that they are perfect for SA market conditions.


    • Endurance Testing for Guaranteed Quality
    • High-Quality Powder Coating
    • Advanced Robotic Polishing Machines
    • R&D Engineering Programmes & Simulation Testing
    • Automated Manufacturing
    • 100000 KM Endurance Testing
    • Airbag Testing
    • OEM-Quality

  • Andy Cab Canopies

    Andy Cab’s Bakkie Canopies have become a part of the South African lifestyle, with their high-quality custom-built fibreglass bakkie canopies forming an integral part of bakkie culture. Besides providing shelter and shade, bakkie canopies offer a practical solution for storage and transportation of goods, tools or equipment. Bakkie canopies improve vehicle versatility and drive appeal, and can play a vital role in increasing the scalability of your vehicle down the line.

    Benefits of a Bakkie Canopy

    A bakkie canopy should be seen as more than a simple bakkie accessory –It’s a durable extension of your vehicle that protects cargo and adds transport capabilities, turning your vehicle into a multi-faceted asset. Over and above the slick design and the option to colour-matched your canopy to your business brand or vehicle colour, other more practical benefits include:

    • Protect your Goods: Provide all-year round and all-weather protection
    • Increase Security: transport goods without needing to worry about items being removed while driving, parking or stopping in traffic
    • Extend Load Bin Capabilities: loading space can be further increased by using bakkie roof rails
    • Increase Flexibility of Load Bay: whether for business or leisure, a bakkie canopy with the right accessories makes it possible to transport more versatile goods
    • Added Safety: whether it’s a pet, work equipment, or family members, a canopy allows you to securely transport them at the back of your bakkie

    Locally Manufactured And Hand Made
    It’s More Than A Simple Bakkie Accessory

  • Rock Solid Industries (RSI)

    Less Standard, More Smart for Leisure and Workman

    One of the key things about the Smart Canopy range is the complete knock-down design. Each canopy is flat-packed and shipped with individual parts – roof, front flange, rear door and side panels. This offers reduced shipping costs and easily replaceable parts, if damaged.RSI canopies are set apart by their stainless steel construction which is stronger, yet lightweight and includes a 350kg rooftop carry capacity. Exact vehicle colour matching is offered, and the stylish design and sleek look that match the vehicle shape just add to its aesthetic appeal.

    A large range of accessories are also available for theRSI SmartCanopy range. Its modular CKD build allows for flexibility between panels. 409 automotive grade stainless steel is used in the construction of the canopies and OEM approved mounting brackets are used, allowing this canopy range to be fitted to a variety of vehicle brands.


    • Ventilation – positive pressure filtered air vent
    • Roof rails built in, allowing universal fitment of roof racks and load bars
    • Gullwing sides
    • Internal accessory mounts– prepared to take roof mounted table, gullwing boxes and the RSI SmartKitchen
    • Single key locks
    • The RSI Smart Canopy is completely water- and dust tight– load body requires dust- and water-proofing
    • Glass rear window
    • Vehicle colour matching– canopies are 2k automotive spray painted
    • Third rear brake light
    • Stainless steel construction

    Features & Benefits:

    • Increased Safety – Canopies are reinforced which offers more protection than a standard roll bar
    • Modular Design – Parts are easy to replace due to their complete knockdown design
    • Fully Secure – Keep your valuables secure with keyed alike locks &ease of access to your vehicles bin
    • For popular makes & models – Toyota, Ford, Nissan, VW, Isuzu, Mazda, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi & Fiat
    • #SmartCanopyFamily owners club – Get access to exclusive specials, competitions, share your experience and more
    • Award Winning – Winner of the SASSDA best product award for their innovative patent pending CKD design
    • Automotive Grade Stainless Steel – Provides a strong lightweight yet durable canopy with a high load capacity of 350kg
    • Approved Fitment – We adhere to vehicle manufacturers approved fitment standards
    • Weather Proof – Innovative design ensures your valuables are protected from the elements
    • Colour Matching – Match your canopy to your vehicle colour or choose from custom options
    • Roof Rails – For Universal fitment of a roof rack allowing for a roof top tent
    • Comprehensive Warranty – 1 Year Warranty on all parts and workmanship

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